about rooswork 

red and blue wallpaper
red and blue wallpaper

what is rooswork... 

rooswork​ ​is a custom fabrication studio based in Cleveland Ohio. I am interested in the study of generative form (digital) and architectural geometry (physical), both contemporary and historical. The performance of natural materials and the legacy of craftsmanship are extremely important to me. I am currently working with private and commercial clients to realize a unique level of creative detailing, quality and personalization in many different furniture and casework projects. This includes made to order commercial and residential furniture like dining or conference tables, reception desks, built-in storage elements and wooden housewares. I enjoy the iterative design process as an integral part of fabrication. In my opinion one cannot exist without the other. to the world.

prior to rooswork... 

... I grew up with a strong interest in craft and construction, largely thanks to both of my grandfathers. My professional background is in architecture. I have a BFA and BARCH from Kent State University. I had worked for contractors and architects for about 15 years during and after my schooling. Throughout that career I was able to experience the design and fabrication process at a few different scales. Eventually it became very clear to me exactly what my passion is. I learned that, for various reasons. I am better suited to be the person that makes the thing, as opposed to the designer or sales rep. I was able to start in the field by working through evenings and weekends until I built a decent skill set and then used my contacts in the design industry to start to find projects that allowed me to be a full time professional. 

light decorations in dark area

the inheritance of craftsmanship 

My grandfather, Joseph DelFabro, using a manually operated scroll saw table in the late 1940's.

how to get some rooswork:

If you want a customized version of anything you see here, just ask, we can make it happen. 
 - you can send a request through the Contact page or on any of our social media;
- or you can just stop by too. Speaking in person is the best way to start a project.